Pizza Power: Restaurant Owner Throws Pie at Machete-Wielding Robber in Self-Defense

Anything can be a weapon; all that matters is how you wield it. So learned a pizza shop proprietor in Delaware who used a pie to fend off a robber recently.

The cheesy drama unfolded on a Friday night when the owner of Stargate Pizza in Greenwood was closing down. He was approached by a white, male, machete-wielding thief who demanded money. The owner informed the criminal that he didn’t have any money and, without missing a beat, hurled a pizza at him. The suspect fled and the shop owner was unharmed. The Delaware State Police are still investigating the attempted robbery.

What we really want to know is: what kind of pizza was it? Those must’ve been some intimidating toppings if it scared off a guy with a machete. We’re guessing meat-lovers.

Cover Photo: David Woolley (Getty Images)

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