Ohio Couple Surprised to See Swastika Made of Pepperoni on Their Delivery (No Surprise They Ate the Pizza Though)

Little Caesar’s is known for its “hot and ready” pizzas. Sure, the quality level is somewhere between your childhood school cafeteria and the cardboard, sauce, and cheese McDonald’s once paraded out as “pizza.” But it’s ready when you arrive and it’s cheap — two things we really like. It’s also the closest thing to fast food pizza as we have. We prefer ours cheesy, gooey, and covered in pepperoni. That’s exactly what one Ohio family expected when they recently grabbed a pizza from the chain. When they opened the box, they got a very unwanted surprise.

Jason Laska stopped at a Little Caesar’s outside of Cleveland recently to pick up a “hot and ready” pepperoni pizza. When he arrived home, eager to dig into the subpar pizza with his family, he quickly noticed something amiss with the pepperoni. Instead of being scattered about nonchalantly, it was arranged in the shape of a reverse swastika.

While we’re all about humorous pranks, especially when it comes to the monotony of working in a fast-food restaurant, we have a hard time understanding why anyone thought this was a good idea. Laska told CNN that the family just stood there, mouths agape, staring at the opened pizza box trying to understand what exactly they were looking at. Obviously, he attempted to notify the store, but the phone line was busy. That’s when he decided to take to social media, adding the photo to his anger and confusion about why this happened.

Eventually, two employees (who clearly don’t have the ability to think things through) admitted to creating the racist ‘roni design and were promptly fired. Obviously, this whole ordeal is terrible and never should have happened. But, we’re really wondering one thing: did they still eat the pizza?

Photo: Misty Laska/Twitter 

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