Separated Dogs Run Into Each Other on Walk and Hug After Lockdown, More of This Please

In a world that makes it harder and harder to find joy in social media, once in a while we are gifted a story like this one. It begins with two dogs, Monty and Rosie. This pair of adorable cockapoos were out walking their owners recently when they came across each other and instantly recognized the other! Monty and Rosie, you see, were born in the same litter, making them brother and sister.

The two were separated when they were adopted by their forever homes. Normally, that would be where the story ends, but not in this case. Instead, the two pups pretty much reenacted The Parent Trap. While they were on separate walks, the two happened to cross each other and almost immediately embraced. Literally. They hugged. It was the cutest thing that could ever happen and, luckily, Monty’s owner was able to document the adorable encounter. Rosie’s owner, a woman named Susan Killip, said that when the puppies were born, “there were six of them, but Monty and Rosie were always together.”

Well, it seems like neither time, nor distance can separate the love that these two doggos have for each other. Even after being apart for 10 months, the two immediately recognized each other and partook in some snuggle time. One can only hope the two dogs’ owners will arrange for a play date once in a while because if this story proves anything, it’s that there is no love like puppy love.

Cover Photo: @libpincher (Twitter)

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