City Official Resigns After Drinking Beer and Throwing Cat During Zoom Meeting, But What Else Are We Supposed to Do?

With so many people working from home these days, lines are getting blurred between “work” and “play.” Zoom meetings have taken over households and, while they offer the convenience of working remotely during these strange times, even stranger stories were bound to come out of our new reliance on video conferencing.

One such story involves a city official, beer, and a cat (three key components to all great stories). A planning commissioner named Chris Platzer was recently involved in a teleconference with his fellow city officials. For the most part, the Zoom meeting was as typical as one can be (i.e. boring AF), but Platzer decided to liven up the call by introducing his cat…and then subsequently tossing it aside. He then proceeded to crack open a cold one because, let’s be honest, it’s impossible to sit through those kinds of meetings and not want to drink copious amounts of alcohol. Finally, after the meeting officially ended, but with the camera still on, Platzer could be heard saying “I’m going to call bullshit on you little bitches.”

We think this guy sounds awesome and we totally want to party with him. Unfortunately, the City Council does not share our views and they quickly devised a plan to remove this gentleman from their ranks. Before they could do that, however, Platzer opted to resign.

“I did not conduct myself in the Zoom meeting in a manner befitting of a planning commissioner and apologize for any harm I may have inflicted,” Platzer wrote in an email to the Times-Herald. “I serve at the pleasure of the council and no longer have that trust and backing. So I extend my gratitude to those who have supported me during my tenure. I have always felt that serving Vallejo in a voluntary position is honorable because Vallejo is worth serving. We are all living in uncertain times and I certainly, like many of you, am adjusting to a new normalcy.”

If this guy’s “new normal” is drinking beer and throwing cats, we have to wonder what his “old normal” consisted of. Regardless, he sounds like a blast and we fully plan on hitting him up on Skype later.

Cover Photo: Lydie Gigerichova (Getty Images)

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