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Hilarious Zoom Backgrounds You Could Potentially Consider (But Should Never Commit to)

Necessity is not only the mother of invention, but it’s also the deadbeat dad of comedy, silly Zoom backgrounds included. The COVID-19 pandemic made Zoom meetings part of almost everyone’s lives. Now, we’ve all sat through the awkward silence before a meeting. We’ve seen into the secret lives of our coworkers and really wish we never had. We witnessed our bosses struggle futilely with the simplest tech, leading many to ask, “Why do I work for this moron?” Most of all, we learned humor makes even the worst things bearable, be they economy-destroying plagues or just boring meetings.

Ridiculous Zoom backgrounds are one of the easiest ways to inject a little humor into a snooze-inducing teleconference. While we may be on lockdown, our imaginations are definitely not. Many online jokers are flexing their tech-savvy and funny bones at the same time. From celebrity photobombs to scenes from our favorite shows to even more absurd ideas, Zoom is allowing everyone to become a stand-up comedian, even if they’re sitting down. Here are nine of the funniest Zoom backgrounds to consider if you stopped caring whether you get fired or not.

Cover Photo: Justin Paget (Getty Images)

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