Zoom Fails: Ohio Senator Wearing Seatbelt With Fake Background While Driving Fools Nobody, Ironically on the Day to Ban Distracted Driving

Some drivers really zoom down the highway. But not like Ohio state Senator Andrew Brenner. In his misguided attempt at multitasking, the freshman Senator from Sunbury divided his attention between operating heavy machinery while traveling at high speeds and passing legislation that affects millions of people’s lives.

On any ordinary day, most people would have chalked up this entertaining display of poor decision-making to the rickety world of Zoom meetings. (To be fair, we’ve all experienced a Zoom fail – the platform basically thrives off them.) But on this day, Senator Brenner just so happened to have witnessed the introduction of House Bill 283, a law aimed at imposing stricter limitations on distracted driving by banning the use of electronic devices.

You can’t make this stuff up.

So what happened? How did Brenner step so brilliantly into a pile of his own mess?

Our guess is that Brenner didn’t quite catch the full meaning of Bill 283 because he was too busy swerving to avoid a family of deer crossing highway 70. At any rate, his ingenious scheme would have worked perfectly had he not worn his seatbelt. Though, we admit, it would have looked odd if he’d gotten into an accident and suddenly flown right out of his “office chair”.

How much flack Senator Brenner takes for this all depends on how slow a news week it is. But keep in mind, no politician has ever resigned for being kind of stupid. We just hope that when Brenner gets home, his wife doesn’t drill him too hard about this. After all, she was the one who asked him to pick up the damn dry cleaning.

Cover Photo: Twitter

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