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The Mandatory Zoom Guide to What’s Really Happening When People Turn Their Camera Off

If you’re like us, Zoom has become the bane of your existence over the past year of coronavirus quarantine. We used to think conference calls were a pain in the ass, but now we’d give anything to go back to that form of communication that allowed us to stay unseen, muted, and mobile. Now, we have to groom, get dressed, and put on a happy face before our webcams just to listen to our boss drone on about his big ideas, bottom lines, and workplace goals.

But just because you’re stuck under the thumb of your superior(s) and colleagues on Zoom calls doesn’t mean all freedom is lost. There is that wonderful invention called turning off the camera, and if you’re allowed to do so in your meeting (or can convincingly lie and say your camera is on the fritz), we highly recommend you do so. Why? Because you have other, more important (or at least more pleasurable) things to do – and they cannot be done in front of an audience.

This the Mandatory Zoom Guide to What’s Really Happening When People Turn Their Camera Off.

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