The Mandatory Guide to Zoom Etiquette for Telecommuters

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic that relegated us all to working from home, you probably had never even heard of Zoom, the video conferencing platform. Now you’re expected to sign on daily to greet the smiling (or more likely, grimacing) faces of your superiors and coworkers. The transition from face-to-face meetings to video conferencing didn’t seem like it would be that hard, especially given our experience with FaceTime, Skype, and conference calls, but something about interacting through a screen in a workgroup just doesn’t, well, work very well. As we all adapt to this new form of communication, we’re bound to mess things up along the way. That’s why we created the Mandatory Guide to Zoom Etiquette for Telecommuters — to save you and everyone you work with from mortifying embarrassment.

Cover Photo: filadendron (Getty Images)

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