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Meanwhile in Texas: Man Killed by Swarm of Bees While Mowing Lawn, One More Reason to Never Be Productive (Or Go to Texas) Again

If you need an excuse to skip the yard work this week, we’ve got a great one for you. A man in Texas was recently mowing his lawn when a swarm of Africanized honey bees (also known as “killer bees”) descended upon him – and killed him.

When the Breckenridge Fire Department arrived on the scene, they encountered “very aggressive bee activity.” The 70-year-old resident of the home had been stung multiple times and eventually went into cardiac arrest.

“AMR did everything they could to make this a positive outcome but multiple issues turned this into a tragedy with one person not surviving the attack,” the fire department said in a Facebook post.

The man’s wife, who was indoors at the time, was rescued by a firefighter who dressed her in his protective gear and helped her flee the home. She was transported to the hospital.

First responders then went door to door to warn neighboring residents to refrain from using noise-making equipment outdoors until the bees had returned to their hive. A local beekeeper also offered his services and equipment to contain the vicious flying insects.

“Africanized (honey bee) colony is a whole different ballgame and the way they are managed and behave,” Bobby Chaisson, operations director at Georgia Bee Removal, told CNN. “Especially when you are dealing with that species of honeybee, absolutely, the vibration of a lawnmower, the vibration of a weed eater, kids banging or stomping around close by — they will get defensive.”

So, there you have it: your cautionary tale that totally justifies you spending all summer indoors, soaking up the AC, sipping on lemonade, and doing nothing more taxing than bingeing Netflix. You’re welcome.


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