Meanwhile in Florida: Man Faints in Heat, Firefighters Finish Mowing His Lawn (Hopefully Helped Themselves to a Cold Beer and Made Out With His Wife, Too)

Proving that sometimes heroes need heroes of their own, a man in Florida was mowing his lawn recently when the heat got to him. He began suffering from heat exhaustion and fell to the ground with his lawn half-mowed. You might think adding the reference to his lawn work being unfinished isn’t important in this story, but it actually is.

The man who fell ill is Prince Pinkney. He’s in his 80s and he’s a veteran of the Army of who served as a missile technician in Vietnam. Many years ago, Pinkney suffered a stroke and never fully regained the feeling in one of his legs. While he was mowing the lawn, the heat got to him, his bad leg gave out, and he fell down. His wife saw this and attempted to get him up before a passerby called 911.

The Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue crew along with paramedics showed up to help the veteran. He was treated by the paramedics. That would be all well and good, but there’s more to this story.

Not wanting the man to risk further injury, the paramedics decided to finish mowing his lawn for him. It was all captured on video, although these first responders didn’t do it for the press. They did it to do the right thing for a man who served his country.

This is just the kind of news we look forward to seeing during these strange, trying times. 2020 might be a year we’d like to forget, but stories like these make it not seem completely like the dumpster fire it is.

Photo: Stefan Cristian Cioata 

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