10 Best Beers to Drink While Mowing the Lawn

Photo:  Bobex-73 (Getty Images)

When it comes to annoying, time-consuming summer activities, it’s tough to beat lawn mowing. This fruitless endeavor seems to take all day (especially if you have a large yard and only a push mower) and has to be done again week after week until the leaves begin to fall. It’s a labor-intensive, pain-in-the-butt activity, but it does have one upside. If it’s a hot, humid, sunny day, you’ll need something to quench your thirst during and after you complete this mindless task. And while water is likely a good idea for hydration, we prefer a cold, crisp, easy-drinking beer.

And, since we’re all about the lawnmower beer, we understand you have to make the right beer choice. You probably wouldn’t enjoy a barrel-aged stout, or milkshake IPA on a steamy summer day. Kolsch-style beer, lagers, pilsner, and blonde ales are the best beers for this challenge. Keep reading to see 10 of our favorite thirst-quenching, crushable lawnmower beers.