Baseball Season Opening Day 2021: Our 10 Favorite Teams Paired with Their Best Respective Hometown Beers

Photo: Daniel Grill/Tetra Images (Getty Images)

Last season, we didn’t care that the Major League Baseball season didn’t begin until July (and only lasted an abridged 60 games). We were just happy to have sports back. This year, with people being vaccinated left and right and things beginning to return to some semblance of normalcy, a full season of baseball awaits us. It all starts this week.

Baseball is America’s pastime. It only makes sense to pair it with another American staple: beer. Since the only way to truly enjoy opening day (and the rest of the season) is with a beer (or three) in hand, we figured the best course of action was to pair our ten favorite teams with the best hometown brews. Check them all out below and…play ball!

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