Two dogs wearing a three-eyed monster costume and a witch costume.

Meanwhile in DC: Republican Senator Hosts ‘Bipawtisan’ Halloween Party For Pups, Dems Still Not Invited

Republicans aren’t known for playing nice with those that are different from them. But while they won’t bother working with those across the aisle, they are apparently totally down with socializing across species. We’re talking specifically about North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis, who is hosting a “bipawtisan” dog costume parade for pups belonging to Capitol Hill staffers. Both canines and their human counterparts will show up for the Halloween-themed event in costume on Oct. 27.

“Senator Tillis has always had a very dog-friendly office and may have 2-5 dogs come in any given day,” a spokesperson for the politician told PEOPLE. “In that spirit, Senator Tillis hosted the first Bipawtisan Halloween Dog Parade in 2017 so members of Congress and staffers on both sides of the aisle could come together for a cause everyone can unite for: dogs in costumes.”

Photo: Sen. Thom Tillis

The event did not take place in 2018 because members of Congress weren’t in session and it was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, but it’s all paws on deck this year for the third go-round, which will follow a parade route from the Dirksen Senate Office Building to the Hart atrium in the Hart Senate Office Building.

Here are a couple of pics from years past:

That an affinity for Fido could bring people together regardless of political affiliation is a nice idea but, sorry, we aren’t buying it. Maybe instead of a dog parade you could, oh, we don’t know, actually spend some time with your human colleagues coming up with solutions to all of America’s problems? That’s probably asking too much of politicians, though. Doggone it.

Cover Photo: slyncher00 (Getty Images)



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