Tom Brady Tackles Fashion with New Clothing Line (Hopefully Not All Made From Pigskin)

What do you do after you marry a supermodel, win seven Super Bowls (and counting), and go down in the sports history books as the greatest quarterback of all time? Become a fashion icon on the level of Derek Zoolander, of course.

Joining the ranks of Michael Jordan, David Beckham, and a roster of other fit celebrity athletes, Tom Brady has announced an eponymous new clothing line to celebrate his love affair with wearables (and presumably soften the landing of his impending retirement from football). Judging from what scant little information is out there about the mysterious activewear clothing line that drops in December, it promises to be the perfect blend of style and comfort.

We all know Brady has become a style icon in his own right, pulling off a designer tux, and shorts and tee with equal ease. And his collaboration with Christopher Cloos earlier this year illustrated his innate sense of classic, understated design. But we always figured Giselle was the one dressing him. In reality, though, it turns out Brady is actually the real fashionista in the relationship, and he’s now just opening his closet for all the world to see.

“He loves clothes way more than I do,” Giselle recently revealed. “He has great taste and understands and really cares about what people want, what can help them feel good. That’s what fashion is about.” She went on to add, “Now it’s great having others also get to know him a bit more, as I do.”

Get ready to meet the real Tom Brady. The line is co-founded by fashion mogul, Jens Grede, the man partly responsible for the success of brands like Skims and denim-centric Frame, so he’s in good hands. And if Brady’s unparalleled success in football is any indication, we’ll all be sporting Brady hoodies for the next 20 years (and counting).

Cover Photo: John Shearer (Getty Images)