TV Host Who Disastrously Proposed to Tom Brady in Trouble for Embezzling $146 Million, Some People Just Can’t Handle Rejection

We’ve all been rejected at some point in our lives. But few of us have ever been proposed-to-Tom-Brady-after-the-Super-Bowl-on-live-television rejected. We’re not saying it’s right to turn to a life of crime after a blow like that, but we can understand if you’d want to.

The famous rejection forced Inés Gómez Mont to marry a lawyer named Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga, a man with apparent expertise in embezzling large sums of money from Mexico’s Ministry of the Interior. Now instead of playing house, the two fugitives are playing Bonnie and Clyde slash Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego? as they officially kick off an international manhunt to track them down.

And as mercenaries and bounty hunters around the world jump into high gear, the Mexican government is urging Interpol to issue a red notice, to keep the capture in the hands of official police agencies. Yet incredibly, despite all this hoopla, there are no leads on the whereabouts of Mont.

In fact, the couple’s escape was so well executed, you can’t help but wonder if they’re totally guilty and planned this exit strategy a la The Thomas Crown Affair all along. Usually, innocent people don’t have airtight escape routes lying around, but then again, Mont was prepared to ask Tom Brady for his hand in marriage at the drop of a hat so maybe that’s just how the lady rolls.

In her last post before going dark Mont claimed she had “not had access to that warrant, nor the proof that justifies it.” Then she added, “we are preparing to face this process and exercise all our rights,” before doing the exact opposite of that and vanishing into the ether.

Boy, there’s nothing like rejection (and embezzling $146 million and getting caught) to make you want to crawl into a dark hole and disappear forever, right? Relive the life-changing moment that (probably) led Mont to break bad below:

Cover Photo: Hector Vivas (Getty Images)

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