10 Funniest Zoom Fails: Real-Life Humiliations in Virtual Meetings

COVID-19 moved business from the boardroom to the bedroom, and not in a sexy way. More like in an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction way. In other words, working from home sounds great, but it has downsides, too. For example, one of the biggest is the risk of public humiliation via Zoom. While this sucks for the person getting shamed, at least it spreads smiles.

Consequently, Zoom fails are now the hottest source of LOLs this side of General Grevious getting a new arm. The genre has something for everyone: stupid bros getting caught ripping bongs in class. Hilarious tech fails that will have you squirting oat milk out your nostrils. Even accidental flashing make the list. Here’s a list of the most hilarious self-owns delivered in online meetings. And, if you’re reading this while in a Zoom meeting, we definitely suggest hitting mute.

Cover Photo: Ross Anania (Getty Images)

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