John Kerry Says GOP Rep. Thomas Massie has ‘Tested Positive for Being an A**hole,’ Wins Tweet of the Year in March

Regardless of where you fall politically, we can all agree that Thomas Massie is a douchebag. The GOP representative of Kentucky was the sole holdout when it came time to vote for the passing of the coronavirus stimulus bill. The House was supposed to give a unanimous vote to pass the bill (it was something of an unwritten agreement between all parties). But Massie threw all of that into disarray when he declared that he intended to force a “roll call” vote, obligating all members of the House to return to Washington to offer their votes. It was a dick move by the guy, because a unanimous vote would have allowed reps to stay home and weather the current COVID-19 storm. Instead, they had to scramble to find flights to get back to Washington, putting all of them even more at risk for contracting and spreading the coronavirus. Instead of being home with their families, they had to go vote for a bill.

In the tweet of the year thus far, former Secretary of State John Kerry stated what all of us were thinking.

President Trump echoed Kerry’s sentiments.

Listen, when Donald fucking Trump is making fun of you for being a tool, and he’s not actually wrong, you’ve got big problems. The bill passed, so Massie really was just trying to “make a name for himself” at the expense of his peers and, you know, of the entire country. Yeah, this guy is definitely an asshole.

Cover Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

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