Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Releases Gender Neutral Fragrance, Likely Smells Like Water and Conformity

Though we’d like to believe we live in a post-gender society, the PR powers that be still think fragrances should be branded male and female. That is, except the PR wizards at Calvin Klein. The brand recently debuted CK Everyone, a citrusy scent made of orange oil, blue tea, and cedarwood that promises to smell good on men, women, and everyone else on the gender spectrum. (We’d bet it smells like water and conformity, but whatever.)

A genderless scent isn’t a new idea, but we’re glad to see the designer believes in recycling. For those too young to remember, Calvin Klein introduced the first “unisex” scent in 1994. It was called CK One and actually smelled pretty good – but was too expensive for most of the Gen Xers it was marketed towards.

It’s too bad Calvin Klein didn’t resurrect those ‘90s prices this time around, because CK Everyone will set you back a cool $55 for a puny 1.5-ounce eau de toilette. Sure, you get to feel high and mighty because your fragrance is vegan, organic, and comes in packaging created from recycled materials, but that’s a hefty price just to smell “clean.” You know what really smells clean and only costs pennies? Showering with soap and letting your natural scent emerge. No gendered (or genderless) branding necessary.

Cover Photo: Calvin Klein

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