Police Chief Stripped of Duties, Decides to Strip His Clothing As Well

We all dream about the day when we can quit our job, flip off our boss, and sidekick the door as we make our exit. Chances are, that dream will never come true for any of us, but at least we have this guy, a former police chief that took his departure especially hard.

Richard Lee was the police chief of Croydon, New Hampshire, for the past 20 years. He also composed the entirety of the Croydon Police Department, which is why the town council decided to formally disband the force, opting to fully rely on the New Hampshire State Police. No doubt, this came as a shock to Lee, so he responded the only way he knew how. After being stripped of his duties, he began to strip, period. In what we can only imagine was the most sarcastic way to leave a job ever, Lee handed over his gun, the key to his cruiser, and his badge. And then he just…kept going. “I gave them my uniform shirt. I gave them my turtleneck, I gave them my ballistic vest and then I sat down in the chair, took off my boots, took off my pants, put those in the chair, and put my boots back on, and walked out the door,” Lee said.

Lee didn’t have a ride home, so he walked for about a mile, in the snow, until his wife finally picked him up. And with that, the tale of Lee ends, but his legacy will live on forever.

Cover Photo: John Summer (Getty Images)

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