Police Chief Shocked to Find ‘Pig’ Written on His Starbucks Cup, His Daughter Not Shocked in the Least

What would the holiday season be without a Starbucks controversy? The latest involves Police Chief Johnny O’Mara, whose hot chocolate was labeled “Pig,” allegedly by a Starbucks employee. Evidently, this was written on five different cups that the chief had purchased for his squad. Though the chief’s photo went viral, it seems there is more to the story than meets the eye. While Starbucks apologized profusely to Chief O’Mara and suspended the accused employee, further details have come out via his daughter’s Twitter that kind of make the chief look like a douche.

Cover Photo: @amyslanchik (Twitter)

We’re not one to call somebody a liar (the chief is totally lying), but if his own daughter is saying he’s a pig then maybe, just maybe, somebody should replace the hot chocolate in his mouth with an apple. Because if it gets out that he’s lying, he is absolutely going to be led to the proverbial internet slaughter.

Cover Photo: Twitter

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