Actor Felix Gomez attends new frapuccino by Starbucks photocall at Starbucks office on May 19, 2011 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Eduardo Parra/WireImage)

Starbucks Worker Complains About Making ‘A Grown Adult Their 6am Milkshake’ in Viral TikTok Video (Um, Isn’t That Your Whole Job?)

It’s a sad fact that most people dislike their jobs, or at least certain aspects of it. But if they’re smart, they keep their misgivings to themselves and only let their grievances rip with a few trusted coworkers at Happy Hour at the bar after work. But one Starbucks barista recently got in hot water (err…coffee) for criticizing an order.

Earlier this week, a video of a barista making a Frappuccino, that infamous blended coffee beverage often topped with insanely sweet add-ons like whipped cream, caramel, and/or chocolate, started circulating around TikTok.

“Watch me make a grown adult their 6am milkshake,” the text overlay on the viral video read. The original has since been removed, but, ah, nothing ever dies on the internet.

@a6ammilkshake repost of deleted milkshake vid, use as you wish #milkshake #6am #starbucks #ungrateful ♬ original sound – Ungrateful Starbucks Barista

“I’m basically sleepwalking,” the text continues as the barista prepares the drink in fast-forward. “Java java java java. I love this job. Help. Whippy boy. Where the hell are the cookie crumbles. Okay, no cookie crumble, extra mocha drizzle it is.”

After topping the drink with a heap of whipped cream, the barista holds the imbibe-able masterpiece up to the camera and the text reads, “Have fun pooping!”

Even after the vid was removed by the original poster, a still shot of the barista with their chief complaint went viral.

Of course, the internet was none too kind to the barista, who, despite their protestations, was, um, basically just carrying out exactly what a Starbucks job entails: making elaborate drinks for spoiled brats, some in adult bodies.

“POV: Starbucks workers when they have to do their literal job,” TikToker @realbiggobruh reacted in a stitch.

@realbiggobruh #stitch with @ ♬ original sound – biggobruh

Most of the armchair critics were on the side of the 6 a.m. milkshake drinker and didn’t understand why the barista was being so judgmental. You never know why someone needs a 6 a.m. milkshake, after all.

“The wild thing is this adult could be a night shift worker just getting off,” one Twitter user argued. “Let people do their thing. We only have like 5 years until the world ends. Live a little and have a 6 am milkshake.”

And some just took this as an opportunity to make us LOL.

We don’t know what happened to the barista who filmed and posted the video, but we’d bet anything she won’t be able to afford a Starbucks Frappucino at any point in the near future.

Cover Photo: Eduardo Parra / Contributor (Getty Images)