Crazy Racist Lady At Starbucks Gets Upset At People Speaking Korean

Photo: Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

As we strive to somehow improve this world, we also need to remember that there is a lot of trash out there, too. And we know of at least one person that fits in the latter.

A crazy racist lady has gone viral after her tirade aimed at some international Korean students was filmed at a Bay Area Starbucks. Annie An, and a tutor named Sean Lee, were speaking to each other in Korean. And that was enough to set the woman off, saying “Oriental. I hate it.” OK…

People of course come to the defense of the Korean students, as a barista tries to remove the lady from the establishment. An was able to film the encounter and Lee share it on his Facebook. Have a look.

What a nut job.

According to Lee, as An was “heading to get her coffee, this lady screamed at her, ‘don’t you dare say that again.'” She then added that all immigrants need to speak English.

What the video doesn’t show is that police showed up and removed the lady from the Starbucks. And let’s be thankful that the majority of folks on Facebook were bashing this idiot.

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