Check Out This Bag Of Garbage Go On A Racist Rant At A Walmart

Photo: YouTube

Of course we already know that there are tons of useless, racist folks out there, and yet we are all still shocked when we see more video evidence of it. It was pretty shocking to see this old lady go on a racist tirade at a mall, and just as shocking to see this idiot spew racist trash at a Starbucks. And now this time around we find ourselves at a Walmart where yet another racist bag of turd was filmed saying vile comments.

Liz Colunga is a friend of the hispanic Walmart employee who filmed an older man saying awful things after he refused to be helped by someone not white. Colunga encouraged her friend, Adela, to share the video on Facebook because “we can’t stay quiet because if we stay quiet, it would be like we were condoning this behavior,” Colunga told Huffington Post.

This incident kicked off after this man complained that he couldn’t see well with the glasses he was picking up, so after Adela referred him to a doctor, this idiot demanded to be helped by a white employee, and then that kicked off his rant.

Check out the video below.

Check Out This Bag Of Garbage Go On A Racist Rant At A Walmart

After this dumpster left the store, Adela showed the video to her supervisor. “I told her I was in shock,” the supervisor said. “I didn’t know what to do, whether to cry. I felt very bad.”

The man was due to have a follow-up appointment for his eyes, but he later canceled his appointment. And hopefully he can check out his brain instead.

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