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Timothée Chalamet Is a Lovestruck Cannibal in ‘Bones and All’ (Whet Your Palate With This Trailer)

Timothée Chalamet is about to take on a meaty role: that of a cannibal. “Wait, wait,” you say. “Is this the much anticipated Call Me By Your Name sequel?” Sadly, no, as actor Armie Hammer has taken his alleged cannibalistic tendencies to the Cayman Islands. (Or is he back in Los Angeles? Who knows.)

No, Chalamet’s cannibal flick is called Bones and All, and, surprisingly, it’s billed as a love story (though it looks like a horror film). Luca Guadagnino (also of Call Me by Your Name fame) directed and David Kajganich (the man behind Suspiria and A Bigger Splash) wrote the screenplay. The film also stars Michael Stuhlbarg, André Holland, Chloë Sevigny, David Gordon-Green, Jessica Harper, Jake Horowitz, and Mark Rylance.

The movie was adapted from a Camille DeAngelis novel of the same name and features a coming-of-age narrative about cannibal lovers Maren (Taylor Russell) and Lee (Chalamet), who take a road trip across the U.S.

Bones and All is scheduled to make its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, which takes place Aug. 31 – Sept. 10. Until then, whet your appetite for this weird but irresistible masterpiece with the first trailer released for the film, in which Chalamet’s character, Lee, says, “You don’t think I’m a bad person,” while touching foreheads with his lady love. A montage of screaming, creepy characters, and heavy breathing follows. “All I think is that I love you,” Maren responds.

This looks like the kind of love that’ll chew you up and spit you out. Cue shivers.

Cover Photo: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures