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Watch Lupita Nyong’o Eat Ant-Topped Fruit at Bougie LA Party, Says ‘You Can Call Me Ant-Woman’

Is it just us or does it seem like the fancier the party, the weirder and grosser the appetizers? Case in point: Black Panther actor Lupita Nyong’o recently showed off a video of herself eating ant-garnished fruit at a Los Angeles shindig.

“You can call me Ant-Woman,” the Marvel star captioned the vid in which she wore a hot pink dress and balanced a glass of some sparkling pink adult beverage while giving the camera a close-up of insect-topped fruit. “I ate ants!” read the text on the brief video.


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“It’s really good!” she remarked after the first taste. “It’s not even crunchy or anything!”

The event, which was sponsored by luxury car maker Audi, served eats from the restaurant Noma, which is based in Copenhagen.

Foodies swarmed the comments section, asking questions that would make those of us who are satisfied with tried-and-true pizza rolls, well, roll our eyes.

“Excellent! I’ve had ant eggs (escamoles) but not a grown ant. Were they nutty in flavor?” someone asked.

“Different varieties of ants have different flavors!” another person shared.

“I hear they taste lemony!” a know-it-all added. “Most of the world eats bugs outside of large western nations.”

We’ll take your word for it, internet. As for us, we’ll stick to highly produced, salty, fatty snacks that don’t involve eating dead things like ants.

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