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Ranked! The Cringiest Bachelor Party Themes

The bad news: Bachelor parties are still a thing. Even worse news: We’re approaching wedding season, so one of your buddies is bound to invite you to one. And as we all know: friends don’t let friends have boring bachelor parties. We also know RSVPing “no” to a bachelor party is not an option.

While these milestone fetes used to involve too much booze and uncomfortable stripteases by exotic dancers who would rather be doing anything else, modern gentlemen have evolved (we think?) and are coming up with more creative ways to do bachelor parties.

Now, dudes do everything from playing paintball to hiking up mountains to skydiving in the name of celebrating the end of singledom. Those who aren’t as into thrill-seeking adventures might choose to try their hand at poker, hit the golf course, or partake in a marathon video game session.

So the cringe factor, as far as the activity is concerned, has dissipated. But there’s still one thing about bachelor parties that makes us groan: the themes! If you thought you were getting out of the biggest guys’ night of your life without having to put on a costume or get into character, we’re sorry to inform you that bachelor party themes are alive and well.

Whether appropriating cultures and reviving bygone eras to bringing classic video game characters or tired movie tropes to life, some dudes just can’t resist making fools out of themselves and their entire friend group. (You must really be a loyal buddy if you’re willing to subject yourself to some of these ridiculous ideas.)

In honor of this time-honored tradition and all the embarrassment that goes along with it, we rounded up and ranked the cringiest bachelor party themes. Scroll on and pray that you won’t be the next bachelor party victim this wedding season.


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