Schlubby Hubby: Worst-Dressed Groom Ever Shows Up For Own Wedding Looking Like He Wants This Marriage to Go Well

Weddings are a big deal. They’re basically the most expensive party you’ll ever throw. If you’re the groom walking down the aisle, you’d be wise to put on your Sunday best, because you better believe your bride has dropped a big wad of cash on a beautiful gown, not to mention all the other expenses she (or her family) shelled out for.

One man in the UK apparently didn’t get the dress code memo about weddings because he showed up to his nuptials in a T-shirt, washed-out jeans, and sneakers. Meanwhile, his bride went all out in a bedazzled gown, blinged-out necklace, and tiara veil in addition to full makeup and acrylic nails.

A (now removed) video of the odd couple went viral on TikTok.

“Well, she’s definitely fell in love this summer,” read the caption of the clip, which was posted by 16-year-old Violet Price, the bride’s best friend.

Commenters were quick to criticize the fashion faux pas.

“Did he not know he was getting married?” one wondered.

“That is sad look how beautiful she looks he couldn’t even be bothered changing from the night before,” another remarked.

“When ur getting married at 4 but lads night down the pub is at 6,” a third joked.

The teen wedding guest and TikToker came to her friend’s defense. “For god sake stop she’s married & very happy. She’s not bothered wat way he dressed she’s married & that’s all that matters,” she commented.

We gotta say, this fella is starting off this whole matrimony thing on the wrong (sneakered) foot. It’s a little early in the marriage to let yourself go, man. And it’s all downhill from here…

Photos: TikTok



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