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Couple Fakes Italy Engagement Photo Shoot at Olive Garden (1 Guess Where They’re Having the Reception)

Weddings are expensive AF (the average American wedding clocks in at a cool $20K), so we can’t blame anyone for cutting corners where they can. Take one couple from Tennessee, who are set to get hitched this October. While they wanted an Italian-style setting for their engagement photo shoot, they didn’t have the cash to get to Europe. Instead, their photographer, Shea Cravens, took the pics at a local Olive Garden at 6 a.m. – and they could’ve fooled us, along with the rest of the internet.

A TikTok of the photos of fiancés Carlsey Bibb and Caden Mills has since gone viral.

“When you want Italy Vibes for your engagement photos, but you live in Tennessee … so you take your photos at Olive Garden,” the text on Cravens’ video reads.

@hunterlashea tennessee but with Italy Vibes #engagementphotos #engagementphotoshoot #engagementpictures #bride #weddingtiktok ♬ original sound – Shea Cravens

Cravens, who owns Hunter LaShea Photography, said on Instagram that the idea for a photoshoot like this one had been percolating for a while.

“A little over a year ago I had the idea of doing a session at Olive Garden, I mentioned it to some friends but never got around to doing it,” she wrote. “Fast forward to today, it finally happened and I am so happy with the outcome.”

Many commenters admitted they recognized the Olive Garden setting right away (which probably says more about their eating habits than the photographer’s location choice).

Others didn’t find the idea as clever.

“Just because you CAN doesn’t always mean you SHOULD,” one snarked.

Still, most showed the photog and her subjects a lot of love.

“No this looks gorgeous / don’t listen to the haters,” one supporter opined.

“These pictures look great though. If it works it works,” another said.

Whatever saves a buck in this economy is A-OK by us. After all, have you seen the ROI on a wedding? It’s enough to deter anyone from getting married in the first place.

Cover Photo: Courtesy Hunter LaShea Photography