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Actor Ezra Miller Accused of Stealing Alcohol From Vermont Home (So Much For Those Superpowers)

Ezra Miller and his behavior just keep getting more and more bizarre. In addition to a slew of sexual harassment and assault accusations plaguing the actor, they (Miller identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns) then went missing, making many superhero movie fans wonder if The Flash film was ever going to make it to the silver screen.

As we’ve stated before, the 29-year-old actor is in no way the victim here (quite the opposite, it seems), and their recent behavior has done little to inspire empathy among fans or foes. Miller’s latest stunt? Allegedly breaking into a home in Stamford, Vermont, and stealing multiple bottles of booze.

ezra miller

According to the Vermont State Police, Miller swiped the bottles of alcohol around 5 p.m. on May 1. The residents weren’t home at the time, but surveillance video and statements connected Miller to the crime, which is a felony.

Authorities were able to locate Miller on Sunday and gave them a citation. Miller is due in court for an arraignment on Sept. 26. Their rep has declined comment about the incident.

We don’t know what would compel a celebrity to break into a private home for an adult beverage (there are these things called bars, and they have plenty of free-flowing booze) but we do know this is not superhero behavior.

The only question now is: will The Flash finally get canned? It seems only fair given that Batgirl got the axe for doing…absolutely nothing other than being awesome.

C’mon, Hollywood. It’s time to end Ezra Miller’s career for good. The only place this person belongs is in a jail cell…or rehab facility.

Cover Photo: (Getty Images)