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Chris Evans’ Dog Is on the Fast Track to Celebrity Status (Real Heroes Have Fur)

If Chris Evans isn’t careful, he could soon be upstaged by his own best friend. His four-legged best friend, that is. Evans recently granted an interview to CNN in which the superhero movie star revealed that he’s not only a huge dog lover, but also that his pup may very well be competing with him in the entertainment space.

That’s because Dodger, the actor’s boxer-mix named after an Oliver & Company character, just announced a brand partnership with Jinx, a dog food company.


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“I had actually been giving Dodger the Jinx treats for a while, and he loved them, and then my business manager brought me this opportunity,” Evans told CNN of the collaboration. “When you actually sit down with the company, you get to know the people, it’s so nice to meet people who have a shared passion and who kind of seem like they’re really doing something good in the world and actually helping. Then on top of it, it’s a great product. It’s an easy thing to get behind. This just made perfect sense to me.”


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Evans adopted Dodger in 2015, and the two quickly became a “pair of dysfunctional codependents,” Evans said. The pup travels with Evans and hangs out on film sets. “He’s a real social butterfly,” the Marvel star said. “He’s a great mascot.”

Apparently, if he can land a brand deal. But Evans doesn’t think all this attention is going to go to his puppy dog’s head; in fact, he seems to think dogs are immune to the evils of ego.

“I’m in awe of what a dog is. I’m very humbled by what they offer us. The fact that it really can’t be corrupted. You know what I mean?” he told CNN. “There’s no part of me that has to worry that any of this is gonna go to Dodger’s head. What an amazing thing.”

Don’t be sure, Chris. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a dog. If Dodger is smart, he’s making his plan to take over the world right now. Could a live-action DC League of Super-Pets be far behind?

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