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Pete Davidson Will Make His Debut on ‘The Kardashians’ This Fall (See Him Bring the Funny in the New Season 2 Trailer)

By now, the whole world knows that Pete Davidson is dating Kim Kardashian. If you didn’t know that, you apparently don’t have the internet (which makes zero sense because you’re reading this, and we’re pretty sure we’re live on the internet…).

Anyway, regardless of how you know about Hollywood’s latest power couple, we’ve only seen so much of the King of Staten Island star and his reality-TV-turned-aspiring-attorney girlfriend together. Sure, there’s Instagram, and pics from various red carpets, but we haven’t actually witnessed the Saturday Night Live alum interacting candidly on camera with his lady love. (And we’re still scratching our heads over how these two ended up together.)

But all is about to be revealed in the second season of The Kardashians, Hulu’s reality series centered around America’s most famous family. That’s because Pete Davidson is about to make his debut on the series, which starts streaming on Sept. 22.

In a new preview, Kim is seen gushing about her new relationship. “Life is good, I have a new boyfriend now. I’m just having a really good time,” she says.

Davidson doesn’t appear on camera until the end of the preview, but he totally steals the scene. He’s chatting with Khloe Kardashian in what appears to be a hotel room when Kim emerges from a doorway in a green sequin dress.

“Babe? Do you want to shower with me real quick?” she asks. Davidson literally drops everything (which, in this case, is a pack of cigarettes and a cell phone) and trots off after Kim as onlookers laugh.

We hope Kanye West can keep himself from tuning in because there’s bound to be plenty in Season 2 of The Kardashians to make any hot-blooded man (much less an ex) jealous.

Cover Photo: Hulu


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