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Pete Davidson Passed Kim Kardashian’s ‘Content Taking Boyfriend Test’ (Could You?)

As if modern dating wasn’t difficult enough, here comes yet another hurdle to nabbing the woman of your dreams. It’s called the “Content Taking Boyfriend Test” and apparently it’s crucial if you want to be with a social-media maven like Kim Kardashian. As we all know, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model and reality TV star-turned-entrepreneur has been hot and heavy for a while with Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson.

In their latest envy-inducing stunt, the couple took their first “Instagram official” vacation. We know because Kardashian posted a carousel of pics of the lovebirds from the idyllic destination of Tahiti.


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Kardashian is a frequent poster of bikini pics, and she doesn’t take them all herself. In this case, Davidson was recruited to capture the now-blonde beauty in her bathing suit – and his photography skills were put to the test. In an Instagram Story, Kardashian shared a video of Pete Davidson taking her picture in the water.

“He passed the content taking boyfriend test,” she captioned the clip. And we know he did because we can see his shadow in the final shot that Kardashian included in the carousel.

pete davidson

This got a lot of people wondering: is passing the “content taking boyfriend test” a dealbreaker for daters today, even if your significant other isn’t an influencer or a celebrity with a massive social media following?

Well, if you’re concerned you don’t have sufficient shutterbug skills to save your own life, you can rest easy. BuzzFeed conducted a poll that asked if having a partner who could take good pics of you was important. A whopping 73 percent of people (or 13.8K voters as of this writing) said “no.” Only 27 percent (a measly 5, 102 voters) said “yes.” (And 100 percent of those people were narcissists. No polling needed.)

So don’t worry if you can’t take an Instagram-worthy shot of your S.O. while on vacation. We all know the best moments between a couple aren’t posted on social media anyway.

Photo: @kimkardashian (Instagram)