Mandatory Good News: Real-Life Superhero Saves Sister from Mauling Dog, Appointed an Avenger by Entire Team

“It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.” That was a line in the 2005 film Batman Begins and it was, in part, what inspired Bruce Wayne to don a cape and cowl to become The Dark Knight. Heroes are not born; they’re made. And a little boy from Cheyenne, Wyoming, has risen to national acclaim for being a real-life superhero to one of the most important people in his life — his little sister.

Six-year-old Bridger Walker was taking a walk with his younger sister recently when the two were approached by a very large, very angry, very scary German Shepard mix. As the growling dog approached the little girl, Bridger stepped in front of her and shielded her from the attack. Bridger was mauled and was seriously injured, but he was able to keep the dog away from his sister as he led her to safety. Later, when asked by his father why he had stepped in front of her, Bridger stated that “if someone had to die, I thought it should be me.”

According to a post on his aunt’s Instagram account, Bridger underwent a two-hour surgery and received 90 stitches to repair his cheek and other parts of his face that were mauled — a traumatizing experience for the strongest of us, let alone a 6-year-old boy. But he didn’t flinch. He didn’t run. He didn’t hide. Bridger faced the surgery just like he faced the dog — head on. And he didn’t do it because he thought he would gain some notoriety, or meet some of his childhood heroes, or because he wanted to be known as a hero himself. He simply did it because his sister was in danger, and he was her bigger brother. He knew it was his job to protect her. And that’s exactly what he did.

Following the surgery, Bridger’s story rose to national acclaim, garnering attention from some of his favorite people.

Captain America (Chris Evans) recorded a video, calling Bridger a hero. He promised to send him an authentic Captain America Shield. Cap’s partner, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sent along a video as well, promising Bridger something even better than a shield. Spider-Man (Tom Holland) told Bridger that he would make sure the boy was able to visit him on the set of the latest Marvel movie. They all agreed that Bridger was an official Avenger. All of these actors-who-play-heroes-on-screen were humbled to be able to speak with a real-life hero: Bridger Walker.


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There are no words. We are so, so thankful.

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In life, there are moments that define us. Some of us don’t get those moments until we’re well within our lifespan. Sometimes we make good decisions and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we fight and sometimes we take flight. But when Bridger Walker was faced with a choice, he chose to fight. He chose to shield. He chose to protect. And in doing so, he became a hero.

In the pantheon of superhero catchphrases, there are a few notable standouts. “Up, up and away!” shouts Superman as he flies off to save the world. “I’m just your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man,” says Peter Parker, whether he saved Mary Jane from the Green Goblin or simply rescued a cat from a tree. “It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you,” pontificates Batman as he battles the criminals of Gotham. These are all great, memorable, legendary quotes but they’re not real. For our money, the greatest superhero quote of all-time, the one that sums up the very nature of being a hero, is this:

“If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.”

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