RANKED! The 10 Coolest Black Superheroes You Wish You Could Be

Have you ever been treated like a criminal because of the way you look? If you’re a person of color in America, the answer is most likely yes. The chances of these incidents leading to violence or death are disturbingly high. Police are 2.5 times more likely to kill black men than white men, according to the National Academy of Sciences. Driving while black is no urban legend; it’s a national crisis. George Floyd’s killing galvanized real-life black superheroes to say the violence has to stop.

In their honor, we’re celebrating the rich pantheon of black superheroes. This list includes African princes, half-vampires, and at least one secret agent. Oh yeah, and one weather goddess too. They may not all wear capes, but every one of these supes kicks major butt. Here’s our definitive ranking of the coolest black superheroes.

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Cover photo: Marvel Studios

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