Robert Pattinson Refuses to Work Out for ‘The Batman,’ COVID-19 Plays Unexpected Villain to Horny Comic Book Lovers

The world of Batman on film has seen a cacophony of talented actors who have suited up as the Caped Crusader, his partners, or members of his illustrious Rogues Gallery. These actors have ranged from extremely talented (Keaton, Nicholson) to utterly buffoonish (Jones, Schwarzenegger), to downright lazy (lookin’ at you, Clooney). Some actors have even gone method because of their passion and commitment (Bale, Ledger, and, erm, Jared Leto). But the latest actor to don the cape and cowl, Robert Pattinson, can’t even bother to work out for the role during the quarantine, according to the actor himself.

“Literally, I’m just barely doing anything,” the former Twilight star told GQ magazine. “I think if you’re working out all the time, you’re part of the problem. No one was doing this in the ’70s. Even James Dean — he wasn’t exactly ripped.”

Pattinson, for his part, may have been joking around (he probably was). But, as they are wont to do, Bat fans flipped out, taking to their keyboards to voice their dismay. Keep in mind, these are the same people who protested the castings of Michael Keaton, Heath Ledger, Anne Hathaway, and more. In short, comic book fans take their movies seriously, which is why they took Battinson to task for not doing the same thing.

We know comic book movie fans are hard to please, and that they’ve been spoiled by the likes of Christian Bale, who maybe took the role of Batman a little too seriously. Still, cut Pattinson a break. Gyms have been closed and motivation has been lacking. For all of us. And, for all we know, Pattinson has been using quarantine time to work on his brooding, moping, and blending in with the night. Those attributes are way more important to the Dark Knight mythos than a perfectly chiseled Bat-bod (at least,  that’s what we tell ourselves after eating an entire bag of Doritos and wiping the remnants on our favorite Batman T-shirt).

Cover Photo: Kimberly White / Stringer (Getty Images)

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