Robert Pattison Sets Kitchen on Fire During Interview, Good Test to See If He’s Really Batman

We don’t know what it is with celebrities setting fire to things lately, but The Batman star Robert Pattison is the latest to light a room aflame. The blaze happened while Pattison was doing an interview for GQ’s June 2020 cover story.

Pattison is on quarantine just like the rest of us; unlike the rest of us, it’s because production of the aforementioned, highly-anticipated comic book action film is paused. He spoke to a GQ journalist over FaceTime about his side-hustle dream of making pasta the new pizza; an accessible finger food, if you will. His brilliant idea, Piccolini Cuscino (or “little pillow”), apparently involves a panini press — plus cornflakes, presliced cheese, red sauce, penne pasta, and sugar, of all things. Pattison procured all these ingredients and attempted to cook it live for the journalist.

Let’s just say this idea sounds half-baked, because first Pattison lit a latex glove on fire; then, he put aluminum foil in some kind of microwave oven contraption — and it promptly exploded, sending Pattison ducking for cover.

“I literally did this yesterday. And now it’s just impossible. It’s going to look like I can’t cook at all,” Pattison stated. We didn’t see this with our own eyeballs, but that’s exactly what it sounds like.

Don’t quit your day job, Pattison. Get back in that bat suit and leave the cooking to the professionals.

Cover Photo: NBC / Contributor (Getty Images)

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