India Cops Use Giant Tongs to Apprehend Criminals in the Age of Coronavirus, Don’t Try the Salad

Police are in a tough spot. They need to abide by social distancing guidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they also need to apprehend criminals, which often involves getting up close and personal with offenders. Cops in India seemed to have solved this dilemma with an unlikely instrument: giant salad tongs.

Last week, law enforcement in the city of Chandigarh tweeted a video of how local officers could use a 6-foot clawed pole to nab a suspect. The implement clamps around the bad guy’s waist so the officer can then move him to a police vehicle.

“We call it a ‘social distancing clamp’ or a ‘lockdown-breaker catcher,’ ” head constable Gurdeep Singh told NPR. “This is especially used in instances where we suspect that someone has the coronavirus and they are not cooperating with us.”

Apparently, this method has already proved effective in Nepal, though Indian officials tweaked the design of the tongs to expand to accommodate a wider range of waistlines. This technique seems slightly more complicated – and less fool-proof – than a taser, but in these strange times, you gotta do what you gotta do. We just hope they don’t reuse those tongs at the station salad bar later.

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