Meanwhile in Florida: Helpful Criminals Assist Police with Their Own Arrest

When you were a child, sometimes you would do something that you knew was wrong, and before your parents even caught onto anything, your guilt would cause you to give yourself away. Well, that must have been what happened in Florida, as four people were detained at a home that had a welcome mat daring police to “Come Back With a Warrant.” That’s what the welcome mat said, and that’s exactly what police officers with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office did.

After receiving reports that a home in Palm Coast was being investigated for harboring illegal drugs, police made their way to the house, but they stopped short before knocking on the front door. A welcome mat urged them to “Come Back With a Warrant,” and the officers decided that wouldn’t be a bad idea. So they left, got a warrant, came back and discovered a litany of fentanyl and various drug paraphernalia inside of the home. Arrests weren’t made immediately, but they were sure to follow. The Florida Department of Children and Families was contacted as well, because there was a child at the residence.

Sometimes, criminals get too cocky and believe they are untouchable. These are people like John Dillinger, OJ Simpson and Donald Trump. But then, there are criminals who aren’t cocky; they’re just really fucking stupid. That was the case in this situation.

Cover Photo: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

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