Meanwhile in Florida: Spring Break Beach Goers Keen on Being the ‘Florida’ of America’s Downfall During Crisis

Go figure: Florida is making America look bad. While many cities are under lockdown, sports getting canceled and St. Patty’s self-quarantined, spring break lovers are shamelessly hitting the beaches in hordes, despite being advised to stay home or social distance during the spread of coronavirus.

After President Trump insisted people not gather in groups larger than 10, Florida seems to have taken that as “let’s get drunk and stick our tongues into as many mouths as possible.” Although social distancing may very well be at play, the large crowds of half-naked sand-suckers runs a high risk. It comes as no surprise that Florida saw an additional 20 cases of coronavirus-positive people yesterday.

While most communities are stepping up and helping to fight the spread and get supplies to the immunity-challenged, Florida is overflowing with corona-cowboys who likely believe they’re immune to the virus, gun laws and all manner of sanitation. As America continues to follow the curve of Italy, only 10 days behind, most of America works frantically to fight becoming the true story version of an Italian cautionary tale. Meanwhile in Florida, Jell-O shots! If this thing is going to go south, look to the most southern tip of America to throw us into the fire.

Photo: picture alliance (Getty)

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