NBA Aborts Season After Coronavirus Case and Overall Desire For a Do-Over From Everyone

It’s happening; it’s really happening. The coronavirus has hit hard. While many right-leaning Boomers (including our president) were quick to dismiss the pandemic as “not a big deal,” it has, very quickly, become a big fucking deal. At first, people made jokes. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) facetiously wore a gas mask during a House floor vote on an emergency funding package for the virus outbreak. People had already died by this point, mind you. He would later quarantine himself after coming into contact with somebody who tested positive for COVID-19. Senator Ted Cruz did the same thing. He’s been self-quarantined for the past week and we may never see him again (no big loss). Perhaps the most egregious and idiotic example of a public figure not taking the coronavirus seriously was when Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert made it a point to touch every microphone and recorder that was put in front of him at a press conference. He did it “as a prank” to the media in attendance.

A few days later (stop us if you’ve heard this one), he tested positive for the coronavirus, as did a number of his teammates. Other NBA teams tested their players and, eventually, the decision was made by NBA officials to cancel the rest of the season due to the outbreak. The MLB, NHL, NCAA and more have also suspended or canceled their seasons. The Boston Marathon has been rescheduled and the PGA has canceled the majority of its tournaments, including The Master’s tournament. Now, we’re not saying this was all due to the reckless behavior of Gobert and, to his credit, he did state that he wished he “took the coronavirus more seriously.” He also gave lots of money to various testing facilities. Still, if you’re getting bored of blaming President Trump for everything, feel free to blame Rudy Gobert for the cancellation of all sports.

Cover Photo: The Boston Globe (Getty Images)

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