Mandatory Hack: The Genius Shortcut For a Homemade Fleshlight

Still not getting any? Well, you’re not alone. A variety of studies from around the globe found that in 2020, there was a general decline in both solo and partnered sex. Because the pandemic’s made it so that people are having less sex than ever we want to help you to spice things up and we want to do it on the cheap with this awesome hack. That’s right, we’re going to save you around $70 bucks by explaining to you the genius hack for rigging a Fleshlight™ thanks to a tutorial from theonlychrissy_boy_87 on TikTok. And we’re going to teach you how to make a Fleshlight with a variety of common at-home objects you probably already own.

Image: @sydneyraz (TikTok)

What You’ll Need To Make A Fleshlight™

  • 2 Unused Sponges
  • Coffee Mug
  • Condom

To make a Poor Man’s Fleshlight™ start by taking a condom and putting it lengthwise in between two clean sponges. Next, take that condom sandwich and stuff it within a coffee mug you plan to never, ever use again (unless you’re going to give it to your sworn enemy and only after it’s been cleaned). Now, you want to pull the opening of the condom around the coffee mug, so that it fits tightly and will stay on during use.

@theonlychrissy_boy_87When needs must ##fleshlite ##diy ##craftyhacks ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ Theme (From “Thomas the Tank Engine”) – London Music Works

And if that video doesn’t make complete sense on how to make and use a fleshlight, we can’t help you. Nobody can. Somehow, we just know that even with very little direction, most of you would figure this out and god bless you for it.