Meanwhile in Florida: Man Arrested Twice in Two Days for Impersonating an Officer (But Not a Gentleman)

By and large, we can all disagree with the entire concept of paying tolls. As if the government doesn’t take enough of our money via taxes, for some reason they feel it’s necessary to charge us every time we cross a bridge or a city or state line as well. Supposedly, the money goes towards fixing roads or something like that, but we have yet to see an actual return on investment. It’s a frustrating process, but the majority of us just suck it up, scream internally and throw our crumpled bills at the face of the well-meaning toll booth worker.

But, Florida resident LeRoy Stotelmyer, 60, is not most people. That is why he’s been arrested twice in two days for impersonating an officer, all to avoid paying a $2 toll. Allegedly, Stotelmyer would flash a fake badge any time he came to a toll booth, because on-duty officers aren’t required to pay tolls. Well, an attendant caught on and called the actual police, who picked Stotelmyer up a short time later. He was arrested, arraigned, posted bail and released. Then, two days later, he pulled the same trick, which had a similar result. When he flashed his badge, the toll worker showed him the newspaper article with his picture in it. Begrudgingly, he put the badge away and paid the toll. But the cops were still called, again, and the man was still arrested, again. For the same dumb crime.

The definition of insanity is doing the same exact thing over and over but expecting different results, so we have to ask: is this man insane, or is he a genius?

Cover Photo: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

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