Meanwhile in Florida: Warehouse Worker Crashes Forklift, Smashes Window, Gets Naked (Not Necessarily in That Order)

After a long week, we all deserve to blow off a little steam. But occasionally, like in the case of 24-year-old Joseph Bieniek, we go too far. He ended his night standing naked in a warehouse holding a hammer and wondering why he was being arrested. Luckily, the whole thing was caught on surveillance tape, making it exceptionally easy for Florida authorities to piece together Bieniek’s big night out. It went a little something like this: after grabbing a golf cart from an industrial plumbing warehouse, Bieniek zipped over to iMold, a water damage restoration company (coincidentally his former place of work). Using a forklift, he smashed through the perimeter fence and broke windows with a hammer. Then the sweaty Bieniek walked next door to a third warehouse, stripped off his clothes, and took a shower. That’s where an employee discovered him and called the cops. The rest is Florida history. Surprisingly, two of the businesses are pressing charges and asking for damages to be paid. We guess they forgot what it’s like to go out on a Saturday night.

Photo: txking (Getty Images)

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