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Sh!ttin’ Golden Bricks! $6 Million Gold Toilet Stolen From Winston Churchill’s Home

If the British Bulldog, Sir Winston Churchill, were still alive today, he would be shitting himself right about now. A gold toilet worth $6 million was stolen from his home (now a museum) last month in one of the gutsiest heists in recent memory. The working toilet, crafted by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, was on display at Bleinheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England, when it mysteriously disappeared. Visitors to the exhibit were each given three minutes to have their way with the throne of thrones. And the thieves, probably feeling challenged by the exhibit’s title “Victory is Not an Option,” ripped the gleaming object from the wall and drove off with it. Whether you applaud the royal raiders or condemn them, no one can argue that their crime is hilarious. This incredibly weird burglary would be right at home with the following list of capers, proving once and for all that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (and burglars have a great sense of toilet humor).

Photo: Donald Iain Smith (Getty Images)

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