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Pooping in Public Pools Trend Goes Viral (And Bacterial)

Like most people who use a public pool, there’s a lingering concern that someone has previously left a little floating surprise that no one wants to clean up. Shit quite literally happens in pools sometimes, but now it’s becoming less of an accident. For whatever reason, the latest viral trend consists of pooping in pools and water parks and we can’t think of a crappier way to gain internet fame.

A water park in Spain had to close for two days last month because they suspect teenagers are doing the “hacer caca challenge.” For those who don’t know Spanish, that means “make poop challenge” and that’s fucking gross. People are challenged to either take a shit directly in a pool or poop in a bag and carry it later into the water. They then share their act on social media and we can’t begin to wrap our minds around this stupidity.

A local swimming pool was also closed because someone took a dump in their trunks while swimming. Officials don’t know if this was an accident or if someone was trying to do the challenge, but either way it’s nasty and we hope you at least wipe your ass. Workers at the pool had to hold back their vomit, we’re sure. If you’re going to do one of the many challenges the internet has to offer, maybe don’t do the ones that cause widespread bacteria to close down public services. Doing the “hacer caca challenge” makes you a shitty person.

Photo: Koldunova_Anna (Getty Images)

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