Kids Teach Alexa to Fart and Grandpa Can’t Get Enough of It

There are all kinds of things virtual assistants can do. They can schedule your meetings, look up things on the internet, and answer simple questions. But have you ever asked Alexa to fart? If not, you should because it’s hilarious and this footage is proof of that.

A video of an old man cracking up uncontrollably as his grandchildren command Alexa to fart is making its rounds on social media. Initially posted on Twitter by the laughing man’s son, Nick Harvey, the footage shows grandpa sitting his chair while his grandkids give Alexa all sorts of fart-related commands. He finds it beyond funny, which came at a good time because, according to Harvey, his dad was feeling a bit sad. The virtual farts forced a 180-degree turn on the mood and this is the new feel-good story of the week.

The result of this video not only amounted to grandpa having a good laugh, but it also apparently led to a surge in traffic at Amazon from people asking Alexa to fart. We’re on our way to Best Buy to purchase all the Fire Sticks now solely for this reason. If you ever feel down, know there are ways to be happier. The quickest way is simply asking your digital assistant to reveal its flatulence to you. We think it’s great technology that has brought us to this point in history.

Photo: fstop123 (Getty Images)

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