Is Siri The Spy In Cahoots With Your Girlfriend? Quickly-Placed Ads Say Yes (And Buy Her These Shoes)

Photo: Jeffbergen (Getty Images)

Imagine your girlfriend showing you a pair of stylish shoes from Tamara Mellon she wants to buy (more like wants you to buy). You chat about them for a minute and then move on to other topics. Three hours later, you’re browsing on your own phone and see ads for the exact same pair of women’s shoes. Weird. That’d be funny, except that these coincidences, if you can call them that, seem to happen every day now.

It may have sounded like something out of a psycho-thriller film five years ago, but having Siri or any other tech madames spy on you is now a very real thing. So are we going to do something about the big ear in the sky or continue to just let it listen in? We have a few ideas about the topic, but more importantly, how to fix it.

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So, has Big Brother tapped into your life thanks to the lifesaving technology provided by the geniuses at Apple? Or are we stupid for even trying to prove this? You be the judge. Sound off with your opinions in the comments.

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