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Future Tech Gone Wrong: Apple’s FaceTime Group Calling Has a Snitch

Photo: Lisa Maree Williams / Stringer (Getty Images)

Usually, Future Tech is our reserved space to tell you how the distant future is suddenly right at your doorstep. But it never hurts to let you know that some future tech doesn’t always go as planned. Or at the very least, it needs proper testing before used by the masses.

Apple, of all tech companies, dropped the ball in the biggest way since Facebook gave away all your information.

Apple’s FaceTime finally delivered group calling after years of pandering from its business class, albeit this story doesn’t have a happy ending. Apparently, a bug detected in the software allowed callers to eavesdrop on its users (in video) before they answered the call, or in your case, while they screened and dismissed your existence, through the front-face camera.

Now everyone may or may not know just how many selfies you take in a given minute.

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If this were the mafia, the snitch has been found, and he’s been dealt with. But the damage may have already been done.

So, how trusting are you of Apple these guys? Feel like upgrading now, or just suing?




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