Weird Food Trends: Breatharians Are Living on Organic, Filtered Air

There are lots of food trends that tend to inspire some people yet shoot up the red flag of controversy. We think we found one that has all the red flags money can buy. Breatharians, or people who live off eating air, are a real thing and we can’t even begin to wrap our heads around this.

Take, for example, Audra Bear of Minneapolis. She’s a lifelong health advocate who claims that by breathing in oxygen we take in energy that supplies us with the nutrients we need to survive. She even went on a 97-day run of breathing only air and skipping solid foods. We’d be hangry on day one of this nonsense.

Bear supplements her oxygen-based diet with fruit smoothies, which contain a shit-ton of sugar. She doesn’t balance it with other solid foods, an approach that can prove to be harmful over an extended period of time. But hey, she’s sucking in a lot of air, which is good, we guess?

We don’t recommend following this kind of diet, Mandatory Nation. We would much rather you try the beer diet on a short-term basis.

Photo: AntonioGuillem (Getty Images)

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