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The Air fryer is a kitchen appliances for cooks by hot air

Wedding Photographer Gets Weird in Romantic Photos With Her Air Fryer

Air fryers are the most popular appliance these days. When people say they love them, they really mean it. But one wedding photographer took her admiration for the little machine that makes everything from grilled cheese to churros to a whole ‘nother level. How? By have an engagement-esque photo shoot with her air fryer.

“I would like to introduce to you, the love of my life,” she captioned the pics, which were taken by her husband and feature the photog lounging alongside her black Farberware air fryer, kissing the appliance, and sitting on a car cradling the machine.

The air fryer was meant to be a Christmas gift from her mother to her husband; instead, Birdsong was the one smitten with its culinary capabilities.

“I took it over,” she told TODAY Food. “I started using it and it was so fast. I’m an impatient cook, so I like that I could get things cooked so quickly.”

The idea for the photo shoot came to her in the shower (as all the best ideas do) but the weird part was that her husband (who photographs snakes as a hobby) had the exact same idea. Clearly, great minds think alike.

The posts resonated with others who have fallen in love with their own air fryers. A Facebook post by Birdsong of the images was shared over 17K times, while her Instagram pics has likes in the hundreds.

“Anyone who cooks has an appliance, pan, dish or utensil they love the most,” she told TODAY Food. “I think a lot people see the air fryer excitement as a source of funny adult relatability, so they loved it.”

We will say this for an air fryer love affair – even if it lets you down, it’s incredibly easy to get a replacement. Try doing that with people.

Cover Photo: TAO EDGE (Getty Images)

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